Religion: Why Are Individuals Attracted To Religion?

There many religious beliefs in the world today; several of these have been around for countless years as well as some could be referred to as new in comparison. And as well as the religions that are plainly definite as faiths, there are also various other numbers and also facilities that are offering an extremely similar function.

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Nonetheless, these could not be discovered or regarded as having any kind of resemblances to religion.


Prior to we have a look at exactly what these factors can be, allow’s look at words religious beliefs and its meaning. In the dictionary the world religion comes from the Latin word Ligare and also this means to bind.

So after that, anything that connects one to something could be classed as a religious beliefs based upon this meaning.

And as the saying goes ‘The map is not the region’. Something can be called a faith, but that is just a word as well as it does not clarify much of just what is actually taking place. It does not discuss the psychology that is included.

The word has actually gotten a somewhat negative definition gradually and this is as a result of the practices of several of individuals that have actually linked themselves with a particular religious beliefs.

Faith could be criticized; yet it does not eliminate our own specific responsibility.

The Objective

Is trivial whether one relies on religion or not. The purpose of this is to look deeply at exactly what may be bring in people to associative with religions and also at the same time what requirements this could be meeting within the person.

This is additionally not to state that what brings in individuals to faith is constantly dysfunctional.

A Metaphor

It is much like when one is hungry; right here one takes in food to appease the feeling of hunger. The desire to consume is not unfavorable or dysfunctional; it is merely a part of life.

However, it would be sensible to consider why one is hungry and what would certainly attract one to particular foods. Sometimes these will be healthy and balanced foods and also sometimes these will be unhealthy. One might be brought in to unhealthy foods, yet instead of criticizing the foods one can look at exactly what is attracting them to the foods. This can be classified as being a mindful eater.

My Point of view

These sights are my viewpoint and also I do not assert to have all the responses or the only solutions. My rate of interest is not in the authenticity of any type of faith or religious beliefs in itself. What interests me is taking a look at the psychology of faith.

I believe that via the observation of how the ego mind functions, one will have the ability to obtain a much better understanding of faith.

The Ego Mind

This is the component of us that is conditioned by our experiences. A few of these could be terrible and a few of these can have very little effect on our lives. And just what these experiences do is kind just how we view truth.

And also the method it regards life is though polarities. Right here there are only ever before 2 means and the whole of life will certainly be viewed via among these methods. This is the good and the negative; the right and the used and more. Presence is after that broken up right into parts. Life comes to be an expression of pecking order and not wholarchy.

The ego fears adjustment as well as this is due to the fact that the only method it could work and exist is via points being the same. It really feels safe with just what recognizes. As well as if something were to change; it would imply death to the ego mind.

Its identity and also only point of recommendation is the past and the present moment is always being interpreted based on previous experiences.


Among things that trauma does is develop dispute as well as separation. One really feels separate from exactly what they want as well as need. Just what the ego does is task these demands externally.

These needs can consist of the should really feel: linked, encouraged, significant and also safe; as well as the demand for definition as well as function.

The Self

So the vanity mind has inevitably been created from discomfort and also injury. It is not a true expression of who one is. The true self is incredibly different to the ego mind. Here one is additionally the onlooker of the mind as well as not the mind itself

Hold On!

However let’s ignore truth self for the moment as well as allow’s continue with the vanity mind. Right here one has been cut off from that they absolutely are as well as is currently living from the ego minds perceptions as well as forecasts.

A natural effect is to predict every one of these needs and wants to an external source. And to the degree that one has actually not understood something within; will certainly specify what does it cost? a person looks without.

Just how Does This Typically Look?

It is not feasible to look at every aspect here; so let’s take a look at the extra typical occurrences.

Greater Or Reduced

With the mind working in polarities and higher being viewed as better than reduced, it makes complete sense for gods to commonly exist in the sky. This is since trauma could trigger one to identify with their vanity as well as feel inferior and below others. And if this happens and also one really feels inferior or below an additional, there will certainly be the propensity to regard others as being greater or superior.


As the ego fears change as well as therefore fatality it after that ends up being essential for faiths to assure an afterlife for instance. By doing this the vanity mind really feels risk-free and could be certain that there is a tomorrow.


The vanity mind likewise needs certainty as well as this becomes part of feeling risk-free. As if something is different it certainly will not feel secure. This also shows the relevance of being right; as if the mind is incorrect it can lead to fatality. And also this definitely shows why there is often the insistence on one religious beliefs being ideal and one more religion being wrong. The person’s vanity is looking for external certainty to calm the uncertainty that is energetic within.


And if one feels separate from life and also cut off inside as a result of trauma or understanding, they will certainly be attracted to anything external that guarantees link and a feeling of belonging.

Control As well as Empowerment

Faith is commonly considereded as regulating. And also with the various injuries, ones vanity mind is most likely to feel an absence of control as well as empowerment. One then should do or be more than others to make up for this internal state. This commonly ends up being a have to regulate an additional or others.

As well as a global figure or archetype for empowerment is usually the male or masculine figure. This naturally, shows up in a lot of the different religions. The women or womanly power normally stands for nurturing; to make sure that would not evoke the same experience that the male figure would perform in people.

Purpose And Significance

It is claimed that ones purpose as well as significance is something one finds within. And is an expression of the heart and also not the mind. Nevertheless among the important things that conditioning and also injury does is reduced one off from their heart. Ones focus is then more probable to be concentrated on the outside world as well as out just what is taking place within.

So this would certainly discuss why religious beliefs is so popular in terms of function as well as definition, it provides one exactly what they have probably lost touch within or perhaps haven’t ever known within.

Religious beliefs

It is my sight that whatever the vanity mind creates has little to do with just what is true. As well as this is due to the fact that its main function is to guarantee ones survival. Exactly what it sees and what it requires from the world will typically be coming from just what has actually not been become aware within.

Since everything that is seen externally as well as this includes exactly what is composed in word as well as exactly what is shown in symbols, has come from a human beings mind. And also this means that it has actually been infiltrated their degree of awareness as well as perception. This is just what makes it crucial to observe the mind and to see exactly how it operates.

That is not to state that faith could not be a catalyst or a mirror wherefore is within each of us. It is my present understanding that just what holds true can only ever originated from within. As well as maybe there are some faiths that do match just what holds true for individuals.

Not Just Religious beliefs

But allow’s not leave this to faith. As I have pointed out over, there are numerous things on the planet that have the possible to fulfill the exact same purpose. These consist of: celebs, the media, sporting activities groups, style, federal governments and also relationships.

They all exist because they are satisfying a demand; nothing more absolutely nothing much less. Each of these outside creations simply shows just what is going on within people’s minds as well as hearts.

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