The Iranian TV Best game-plan SHahrzad procedure Film

Shahrzad (Persian: شهرزادshahrzād) is an Iranian thoughtful and chronicled game-plan. The framework is made by Hassan Fathi and NaghmehSamini and upheld by Hassan Fathi The storyline is set around and after the 1953 Iranian resistance. The Shahrzad system is affirmed by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance of Iran and open on the web and in CDs around the nation. It coursed on association oversee Film Net on Mondays at 22:00 (IST) for 28 scenes from October 2015 to May 9, 2016. By beliefs of its general reputation, it has been named and uncovered in Urdu, Arabic, French and Spanish.Shahrzad is best framework a nostalgic show in

The cast of the 28-scene game-plan weaves more than 200 talented experts.Get more information about tv series then you can always consider دانلود سریال شهرزاد.Considering the professional accumulate behind the camera despite two years spent on pre-creation and four months of shooting, it is the best twist by the private part for the home video design

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Year: 2014-2016

Chief: Hassan Fathi

Producer: Hassan Fathi and tune Samini

Maker: Mohammad Emami | Genre: Drama – Romance

Specialists: Mohammad HadiRazavi Mohammad Emami

Number of classes: 28 | NOW PLAYING: Image Gstrpasargad

Scheherazade cast:

AbolfazlPoorarab, Ali Nasirian, ShahabHosseini, tune Alidousti, MostafaZamani, Mehdi Soltani, Mahmoud clean cravings, ParinazIzadyar, HoomanBarghnavard, R. recuperation, Amir Rostami, G. Abbasi, Fariba ace, SoheilaRazavi, Ghazal Shakeri, Venus pervasive, F. favoring, RaminNasrnsyr, canny breeze, Amir Fathi, JamshidHashemi-Pour, Mina Wahid and …

Chart Scheherazade:

In the tornado of occasions “Love” is the key occurrence. Tehran in 1332.

Mohsen Chavoshi empowered exertion and AlirezaGhorbani

Mohammad Emami (Producer SH): To seryal’ve profited from AlirezaGhorbani for gets that have made and to be discharged each in setting of various conditions, agreement Mohsen Chavoshi utilized.

Showtime Networks Home Show

SH 94 will be uncovered from Wednesday, Persian date Mehr 22. DVD of all parts of the methodology Breaking Bad is in like way given as endowments.

Player procedure is download webpage Cole دانلود سریال شهرزاد

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